‘Trade vs. Aid’ : Needs a Diet

No Ice Cream for You! Growing up I was obese and ever since I’ve been conscious of my diet.  I’ve yo-yoed a bit over 15 years but on average I’ve kept my weight at a slim 170′ pounds. If you go on a diet – seriously – there are some things you need to do. Read More

International Volunteers Should be Selling with Storytelling

Storytelling is the most powerful tool you have to share your message and inspire others to spread it for you through word-of-mouth. It’s also a great barrier for many innovative ventures around the world maximizing social impact alongside profits. In his book Traction, Gabriel Weinstein reveals how most startups end in failure : Almost every Read More

Travel Trends, Authentic Contends

Once upon a time the majority of high-end travelers talked about what they saw or did instead of who they met in a destination. Every day, people crossed borders and spent their hard earned money on packaged run-of-the-mill and homogenized experiences. One day more people wanted to reclaim what’s real and focus on experiencing a Read More

Rethinking Good Intentions

Once upon a time there was a crisis of good intentions haunting many parts of the world. Everyday unskilled, short-term volunteers traveled to distant lands to help people and do stuff. One day we realized these volunteers weren’t effective and often exacerbated abandonment, corruption, and local resource obstacles. Because of that, we realized most volunteers Read More

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Marketers Can Save the World

Social enterprise is not new, but growing connectivity between communities has stimulated interest in social enterprise as a way of delivering both positive social impact and economic growth. These ventures have a social, environmental, and/or cultural mission that strengthens the company’s financial margin. Social and environmental enterprises are best positioned to understand what local problems Read More

In the field : Envia.org

Fundación En Vía is a non-profit organization located in Oaxaca, Mexico. they are committed to supporting social and community development through the combination of three main programs: microfinance, responsible tourism, and education.  www.envia.org You may have heard the statement that “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  Some don’t want Read More

Colombia : In the Field with Jonas Karlsson

Author: Jonas Karlsson When I first joined Tripstigator I was talking to its founder Chris about possible Locals in Quibdó. Quibdó is the capital of the Colombian department Chocó, known for unique ecosystems, for having almost only afro-Colombians living there and for being one of the rainiest places on earth. It seemed like an interesting Read More

How Tripstigator is reinventing the notion of aid one collaboration at a time

From coffee beans to flamenco guitars: How Tripstigator is reinventing the notion of aid one collaboration at a time Throughout the world, the digital workplace is becoming increasingly commonplace. While online platforms can in some cases reproduce existing societal inequalities, they also offer the potential to be great equalisers. Most promisingly, in the realm of Read More

Consultant Testimony : Sandy Carvajal

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Founders Welcome Message

This has been such a rewarding project for us.  Please join, fund, share or shop! Read More

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