Month: October 2015

Airbnb best-practices

Hosting on Airbnb can be a great gig and being good at it is all in the details.  No reason to be nervous, learn more here. Read More

Lindsay: 12 Top tips for teaching on skype

An important global trend in the p to p economy includes skype language/music/tutoring lessons.  One of the joys of teaching online is that you can offer your services to anyone anywhere.  It’s a perfect way to earn some extra cash on the road.  Better yet it’s an ideal way to help a brainy yet apprehensive local Read More

New Collaborative Values is Asia: The 5 C’s

IDEO’s Pete Overy reflects on how Singapore’s aspirations have changed from the traditional 5Cs – car, country club, cash, credit card, and condominium – to a new set of values, based on creativity, collaboration, contribution, compassion, and confidence. Read the full article here. Read More