Month: December 2015

Work and Travel: the 33rd option

The internet has created new opportunities for work and travel.  Elite Daily recently published an article on: 32 Jobs Millennials Can Hold While Traveling The World.  It’s true and exciting.  Technically gifted ‘Digital Nomads’ are un-tethered and living the life.  Other nomads are taking more traditional approaches to work/travel But what about the other teachers, sales man, and socially oriented Read More

Julian Galvez: Web Development

I’ve know Julian Galvez for 4 years.  We met during a Paragliding Competition in Rural Colombia after Event Organizers searched the town for technical support.  It was clear upon meeting that Julian was a special and curious talent.  Despite significant barriers to economic mobility Julian had taught himself advanced software development.  We quickly became friends and willingly Read More

Johanna Pinto

With the New Year rapidly approaching and no life pause button in sight, it’s important to remember to stop and reflect on 2015 and plan for 2016. When it comes to Tripstigator our goal is to bring online commerce to anyone that wants it. We understand the world is filled with talented people with goods Read More

How to create an excellent event -Eventbrite

If you want to have or create extraordinary experiences, learn and share memorable moments with people with similar interests. you need to create or attend an event. Over time the events have become very important in different countries, increasing the number of festivals, concerts and social circles, improving the interaction of different cultures. That’s why Read More

The benefits of the digital economy

  The digital economy is the set of actions and strategies that contribute to boost the competitiveness of productive sectors through the use of information technology.   Digital economy use these technologies in all economic, cultural and social activities.   Here we’ll explain some benefits if you join the digital economy.   Thanks to the Read More