Travel Trends, Authentic Contends

Once upon a time the majority of high-end travelers talked about what they saw or did instead of who they met in a destination.
Every day, people crossed borders and spent their hard earned money on packaged run-of-the-mill and homogenized experiences.
One day more people wanted to reclaim what’s real and focus on experiencing a country, city or particular place by connecting to its history, people and culture.
Because of that, mass tourism was no longer sufficient and lead to a new breed of package trip, one that strikes a balance between personalization, independence, and in-the-know support and assistance.
Until finally tour operators and hotels started responding to a real interest in interacting in a genuine way with other people and cultures and showing the reality of a place — good and bad.
(Lucy Fuggle, TrekkSoft)

The task for travel operators or communities is to understand how a travel experience can truly change us and provide customers with a new, unique, and authentic way to understand our world.  We’re seeing lots of new creative travel ventures.  One is : Joy through flexible marketing projects and authentic experiences around the world.  Exchange professional skills for authentic experiences that make a difference.  Join Here!