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International Volunteers Should be Selling with Storytelling

Storytelling is the most powerful tool you have to share your message and inspire others to spread it for you through word-of-mouth. It’s also a great barrier for many innovative ventures around the world maximizing social impact alongside profits. In his book Traction, Gabriel Weinstein reveals how most startups end in failure : Almost every Read More

Colombia : In the Field with Jonas Karlsson

Author: Jonas Karlsson When I first joined Tripstigator I was talking to its founder Chris about possible Locals in Quibdó. Quibdó is the capital of the Colombian department Chocó, known for unique ecosystems, for having almost only afro-Colombians living there and for being one of the rainiest places on earth. It seemed like an interesting Read More

Consultant Testimony : Sandy Carvajal

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Tripstigator Founder

Founders Welcome Message

This has been such a rewarding project for us.  Please join, fund, share or shop! Read More

The Real Value of The Sharing Economy (1/3)

Author: Luke Taylor, Linkedin: 92luketaylor The sharing economy is increasingly being heralded as the future: a more economically efficient platform with which anyone, more or less anywhere, can plug into and offer their goods or services. The likes of Airbnb are chipping away at the complex layers of bureaucracy that separate individuals, allowing them to deal with one another Read More

Work and Travel: the 33rd option

The internet has created new opportunities for work and travel.  Elite Daily recently published an article on: 32 Jobs Millennials Can Hold While Traveling The World.  It’s true and exciting.  Technically gifted ‘Digital Nomads’ are un-tethered and living the life.  Other nomads are taking more traditional approaches to work/travel But what about the other teachers, sales man, and socially oriented Read More

A new kind of work

Tripstigators’ mission is to increase economic mobility in underserved markets by connecting talented individuals with digital peer-to-peer marketplaces.  Why? We believe the sharing economy has created a new kind of work.  Work where you can use what you have to earn what you need.  A way to work for yourself, building your own personal brand, with the Read More