Airbnb best-practices

Hosting on Airbnb can be a great gig and being good at it is all in the details.  No reason to be nervous, learn more here. Read More

Lindsay: 12 Top tips for teaching on skype

An important global trend in the p to p economy includes skype language/music/tutoring lessons.  One of the joys of teaching online is that you can offer your services to anyone anywhere.  It’s a perfect way to earn some extra cash on the road.  Better yet it’s an ideal way to help a brainy yet apprehensive local Read More

New Collaborative Values is Asia: The 5 C’s

IDEO’s Pete Overy reflects on how Singapore’s aspirations have changed from the traditional 5Cs – car, country club, cash, credit card, and condominium – to a new set of values, based on creativity, collaboration, contribution, compassion, and confidence. Read the full article here. Read More

Culture Bearers

Learning about culture is one thing.  Learning directly from culture bearers – that’s the switch. That’s the profound switch. Jenny Gubner Read More

New Economy

It’s clear the transformation from factory to knowledge to creative-connection economy won’t be stopped. Immersion experiences help us excel in this new economy by challenging prejudices, expanding imaginations, and broadening horizons. Read More

Hello World!

Thanks for checking us out!  We’re here as a best-practice community to help people around the world plug into the peer to peer economy leveraging collaboration with global citizens. My name is Chris, and I’m also the Founder of Tripstigator and long time curious nomad.  After a decade of organizing social enterprise projects in Latin Read More

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